Alific is music producer and multi-instrumentalist Brendan Dane who artistically combines reggae-influenced grooves with an electronic execution to create a unique musical experience.


The man behind Alific (ah-lif-ic) is artist/producer Brendan Dane. Dane lived in San Diego for six years and played bass in the reggae band Stick Figure. In early 2011, he relocated to Washington, D.C., and released his first album "Dub in the District" that summer. While living in DC, he was exposed to the DJ and electronic downtempo scene and his reggae-dub sound began to evolve, influenced by D.C. nightlife and local talent. Recording sessions followed, where he experimented with mixing reggae bass lines and downtempo beats and he released his sophomore album "Echoes From The Soul" in summer of 2013 under Rootfire Records. 

In early 2014, Alific joined forces with the reggae-rock group The Movement and embarked on 2 national tours as their on-stage keyboardist and DJ. 

In June of 2014, after touring with The Movement, Dane once again relocated his homebase to Las Vegas, NV. where he taught Audio Production to college students to try and spread the love and knowledge of the recording arts to as many people as he could.

In early 2015, Alific linked up with local Las Vegas drummer Kevin La Fontaine to add another element to the live performance.  Alific performed as a dynamic and high-energy act merging the modern sound of a live DJ with live instrumentation and the time-honored rhythm of the drums.

In 2016, Alific relocated to sunny Santa Monica, CA where he currently resides. Outside of recording music and playing live shows, Alific is an audio engineer at a Post Production studio.

In 2018, Alific met violinist Derek Waldmann  (aka ManOfTheForests) while in Mexico at a music festival. They began collaborating on music remotely and released their first track together on May 8th, 2020 titled "Hotep". 

Alific's latest track "Deep" (feat ManOfTheForests) was released on Sept 18, 2020.

Alific has independently released 5 full-length albums and 3 singles. 

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